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About Us

The Tamil Nadu Gastroenterologist Trust was formed in the year 2003. The Trust was founded by Prof K R Palaniswamy and Prof V Balasubramanian along with four other trustees. Later on, four more trustees were added. The present trustees are K.R. Palaniswamy, V. Balasubramanian, Col. S. Krishnan, K. Premkumar, J. Ubaldhus, K. Raghuram, A. Rathnaswami, Ashok Chacko, Mohammed Ali and V.G. Mohan Prasad. The main focus of the Trust is to promote and improve the quality of gastroenterology in Tamilnadu. To this end, the Trust conducts regular scientific programs with both national and international faculty, conducts community awareness programs in association with World Gastroenterology Organization, and gives grants to postgraduates in the field of gastroenterology. Every year the Trust conducts the Prof N Madanagopalan prize exam for DM/DNB postgraduate students in Gastroenterology. The Trust also contributes to various national disaster management activities.

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